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Book Review: Head First Java

Book: Head First Java (Website)

Authors: Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates

There are many people around aspiring to learn Java- One of the most powerful OO Languages. But Alas!!!! how to go about the learning process??? Which book is suited for my style of learning??? All these questions pop in one’s mind. Even they were my questions once upon a time. But thanks to my tutor friend who introduced me to Head First Java. Head First Java is one of the books in Head First Series.

The book has everything in it. It is a must read book for any beginner in Java programming. But the reader must have certain programming background i.e the reader must be familiar with either C or the Object Oriented concepts pf C++. The author runs through the initial few chapters which will be sort of revision for programmers with C++ background. The Java concepts are explained in the best possible way. They are explained in such a way that reader will be in a position to explain the same to others. There are nice exercises at the end of each chapter and some brain ticking questions in the chapter. The author has used visual aids in explaining the concepts. The book is more unorthodox in its presentation with more amount of images than text. Initially the reader my find that the book is not serious regarding the concepts but this book is best for starters. It has just what is required for beginners to know. Its not just theory, the author has also given code examples and has also during the course of the book designed one complete software package and also designed some small applications which i feel will help the reader in long way. The exercises are not mere answer the following questions but they include Crossword puzzles – aimed at puzzlers, match the following, find the errors, find the output, fill in the blanks and some mystery related questions.

I think no matter how much i write here but i don’t think one can actually feel the book’s benefits until one reads the book. Its a must for all Java beginners and must for the shelf of Java Programmer.

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