What to write about????????

Its been a long time i put up something on the Blog. There were many factors which prevented me from blogging. First of all it was the lack of internet access in my college. The college authorities reduced the bandwidth from 8mbps to 2mbps. And also my End sem exams round the corner i could hardly think of putting up some thing. Its all over now. I am back to my home to enjoy full 3 months. I have planned some stuff for my holidays, lets see if i can stick to it!!! I screwed up my end sems very badly, hoping a pointer of 8.

Now coming about posting here, theres lots happening around- IPL, Elections, new languages i am preparing on, SCJP, movies…….IPL is something which i think i should post. But sadly i haven watched even a single match. But being in Bangalore its obvious that i will support “Royal Challengers”. IPL has made player rich in one night. I often think why am i stuck in NITK doing IT i could have as well become a cricketer vowing to my bowling. Any ways jokes apart, keep visiting this blog for some really interesting stuff in the future…….

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