Fuel’s become more dearer

I have been so much used to travelling by my vehicle that i cannot even think of travelling by public transport. This was wat i felt before the hike in fuel prices. But now i need to start getting used to public transport 😉 . And in a place like Bangalore public transport is not a problem at all. I still dont know which bus goes where 🙁 . I never thougth that the government would increase the prices to this extent. But the common man has been used to the Price Hikes 🙂 Its rather usual thing happening these days. We do feel worried about the hike but after some days we get used to it. I use my vehicle for small distance travelling but for longer distance i am planning to use Public transport. Let me see hows it travelling in Public Transport. Its not that i haven’t travelled in the city bus, i have travelled but on rare occassions like when i am leaving to my hostel i use city bus to go to the Bus station 😉

The day before the hike was announced, the petrol bunks where filled with people. I dont understand one thing- “Is it the last time there are going to fill fuel so tat they can avoid paying more, or is that much fuel enough for their Life Time travelling? 😉 ” The other day i read in the newspaper, even after the price hike the PSU’s are under loss 🙁 The actual price hike for LPG was some where arouind Rs 350 and the government considering the common man has increased it by Rs 50, same is the case with Petrol and Diesel (No idea about the exact figures for Petrol and Diesel). Its good to hear that government does remember that there’s something called “Common Man” 🙂 . I also read that the price in Karnataka is much higher than the other Indian states 🙁

I was thinking of restricting the usage of petrol or fuel per person per month. What exactly i mean to say is that the Government can enforce some restriction on the amont of fuel consumed per month based on the person’s requierment. Students may require less amount of fuel – Depending on the distance b/w their college and house and tution. There are some for whom private trasnport is a necessity, they can have a little higher usage limit. In this way each we can fix a limit on the fuel consumed by each person per month based on their Necessity – Needs and not wants. This seems to be a bit absurd but this can even check the rising traffic problems.

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