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On- Field Umpires Decision Can be reviewed: ICCs New Rule to be implemented

Gone were the days when the on-field umpires enjoyed the supreme authority on the field. ICCs new experimental rule allowing the players to seek a second review on the On-field umpires decision will be used during the upcoming India-Sri Lanka Test Series from July 23 in Colombo.

A batsman or the captain of the fielding side may request a review of the On- Field Umpire’s decision. Once asked for a review the umpire has to refer to the TV Umpire who will have the final say. If the TV umpire upholds the appeal than the On-field umpire will have to revoke his decision. But there is restriction on the number of review requests to be made. Each team will be allowed 3 unsuccessful review request per innings. If this would not have been there then one can imagine what would happen and the matches would take more time to be completed. Unsuccessful review request is the one where the appeal on the On-field umpire’s decision is put down by the TV Umpire. In case the Review request is upheld then the team will be provided with one more Review chance.

These days there were so many decisions going against the batsmen or going in favor of batsmen. Actually it becomes difficult for the On-filed umpires to judge caught behind, LBW and close catches. In purview of the new rule the player will have a chance to appeal for the decision and with limited number of chances given the player has to use them judiciously and use them in case of close calls. There will be situations where the TV Umpires may not be willing to go against the decisions of the On-filed Umpires, where all review requests may be turned down. If this happens then there will be no point in having the new rule and it would just increase the time of the game. This rule will also make On-field umpire’s work more difficult. A small lapse in concentration can lead to misjudging and a review appeal upheld can hamper the image of the On-field umpires.

There were many decisions which have changed the course of the match. And a wrong decision at decisive point in the innings can turn the whole thing up. I think this Experimental Rule will last (not like the Super Sub rule) and be accepted by all test playing nations, Viewers, Cricket Fans around the world.

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