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Sun Campus Ambassadors Induction Programme- Day 2

Continuing with my posts on Sun CA Induction Programme- All the curiosity had died down and the Sun CAenthu had faded away. This was best reflected in the fact that i reached for the 2nd Day- Some 15 minutes late 😉 But i was lucky that even Angad Singh- Tech Lead and his successor reached along with me. So i somehow got into the seminar hall. And luckily i did not miss much of Gary Serda’s session- He was speaking on the Sun CA programme- Giving some important inputs for the CAs. After that was the session on Java and its related fields like J2EE, J2ME and so on. The speaker gave an overview of how Java is doing in the current scenario. Later on Anup from Sun Microsystems spoke about the Sun Certifications. Actually i have an SCJP at the back of my mind. Hopefully will try it by the end of third year.

The most interesting session for the day was the session on “Presentation Skills” which was taken by Pearl. It was an awesome session and the we really learn’t loads of things- Though the time available was less- But then she was able to actually communicate the crux of her presentation. Then there was a Fun Session where in we were asked to do something. Something- We were asked to convince the audience why we deserved the bottle of packaged drinking water. There were some really great reasons which ppl put forth best of them were- “I will pour this water into my glass fish”, and the CA from NIT-Jaipur walked away with the best performance award- He did an awesome performance- Something which no one would have ever thought. Anyways i never got a chance to perform- I would not have performed even if i would have got a chance 😉

On the 2nd Day we were to visit the Sun Lab. And i had all the valid reasons to skip the visit and get back home 😉 Yeah!!! I, instead of going to the Sun Labs, went back home 😉 After the visit to the Sun Labs everyone went to Cafe Masala to have their dinner. Anyways i was like happy to get back home early.

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