Entreprenuership Awareness Program- Day 3

Day 3 started off with a group activity. Pradeep Banerjee, who was the facilitator for the  program asked the participants to divide themselves into groups of 5 and each group was asked to discuss and list out as many characteristics as possible which can be seen in an entrepreneur. Each group was given 10 minutes to do so and our group listed 26 characteristics. Later each group was asked to read out the characteristics. Everyone more or less baring a few points had listed the same characteristics. This was a direct activity- A mild exercise to start off the day’s proceedings 😉

After this each one was provided with a 3 page handout which consisted of qualities which represent Regenerating Cycle, Degenerating Cycle and the characteristics of an entrepreneur. We were asked to read through the handout and clear ambiguous points. Many doubts were raised and were clarified by Mr. Banerjee.

There was a tea break of 15b minutes where we were served ummmmm.. I don’t know the name of the dish but were also given GoodDay biscuit and tea.

Mr. Banerjee had been mentioning about “Language of Entrepreneur” very frequently and I was wondering what it could be- Java? Python? or C 😉 But it was something different. The “Language of Entrepreneur” comprises of:

  • Achievement Imagery- AI which includes: Unique Accomplishment, Competition with self, Competition with others, long term involvement.
  • Instrumental Activity- IA -> Listing down the things to be done to achieve a certain goal
  • Personal Blocks- Pb-> This includes the personal problems
  • Worldly Blocks- Wb-> This includes the blocks/problems created by the outside world.
  • Help- H-> Help to remove some of the blocks
  • Goal Anticipation Positive- Ga+
  • Goal Anticipation Negative- Ga-
  • Goal Positive- G+
  • Goal Negative- G-

We had to learn how to use this language, for that we were asked to create stories using the language and i felt the stories created were really interesting-> will prove to be famous kannada movies. The main motive behind these stories was to help us how to use this language in our daily activities so that it will become a part of our life.

As Lunch was waiting for us we had a break of 1 hour and lunch was served-> The menu decided was good so was the food.

Now comes the most interesting part of the day- A small game-> With a great motive. A small wooden cube was passed to all the participants and were asked to feel it. Something fishy- Another game at hand. Every one closely looked at the cube and some even went to the extent of measuring the length of the side using a ruler 😉 After that we were asked to write down the height of the tower which we would build with the 47 wooden blocks provided. There were three different scenarios for which we were asked to guess the number: First was using a strong hand without blindfold, next was with the wrong hand without blindfold and last was with wrong hand with blind fold. In all the three scenarios i estimated a tower of height 15.

Now comes the most interesting part: The participants were asked to form teams of 3 where each one was assigned the role of child, mother and father. Child was blindfolded and had to build the tower with the wrong hand. What ever Mr Banerjee had been doing was with a motive so assigning the roles was also with some motive which we never noted. We thought it to be a group activity and played it as a team but in the some corner of my mind i knew that there was a great motive behind the game. All groups one by one played the game, built the tower and went back. After all the groups were done with it, the facilitator came up annoucing “I have generated huge data from the game” . Once the facilitator started revealing the data obtained he started belting each and every group picking up each one from the group.  There were lots of points which he brought up and there were lots of ideas which i will list a little later.

At the end he asked one person to play the game blindfolded without the help of others. The person was reluctant to come forward to play the game stating that his hand would shiver considering the person was asked play the game with his wrong hand. Astonishlingly ther person managed to build a tower of height 14- Man this was a real great achievement.

After this a person from the canteen was called to play the game. He wasn’t aware of the game and had never played it before. He started placing one cube above each other unlike other people who placed 4 cubes at a time and went on placing 4 cubes at one layer. After building to a height of 9 he was asked to reamove the blindfold and have a look at the structure- The person was really happy with what he had created. Mr. Banerjee pointed out that an average man without any prior knowledge and technical backgroung could build up to 9 with a continuous appreciation for his effort.

The conclusions were:

  • Fear causes failure even before coming to the arena
  • Start believing in yoursleves to work wonders
  • Be careful with what instructions you give to others- Never restrict anyone with instructions.

There was a mention of 5 kind of people:

  • Dreamer
  • Train Driver: One to whom all the instructions are to be given
  • Doctor: Act only when there is a problem
  • Part Entrepreneur: Farmer- Cultivating on the small peice of land which he has
  • Fisherman: Main Entrepreneur- he has only a net and boat with him and goes beyond his limits to catch fish.

Thats all for the day-3. More yet to come-> Day-4 and Day-5

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  1. Reading this post and the earlier one, there is one thing that I really liked- the way in which you like to compare and contrast computer science with daily life (first browser history, now languages)


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