Courage to speak out!!!

I have been under stress for couple of days now- feeling that i am writing AIEEE and JEE again- though i am not writing them. There are loads of things going on in my mind- I had been gathering courage to speak out but later realized there’s no point in speaking out. People around might have found me really crazy for last few days but that was unintentional. Anyways its “Better late than never”- have realized my mistake. And though cannot travel back in time to correct them will definitely make it a point to never repeat them again.

Its always great to document certain events in one’s life- And especially the two semesters- 5th and 6th Sem have seen lots of changes in me. Its time for some revival and go ahead with what i was. Have met a really interesting person. Will write more in coming days!!! 🙂


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