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Great Indian Developer Summit-2009, My Day-1

I had attended the Great Indian Developer Summit 2008 which was held from May 19-25. I got a pass using which i attended Bleeding edge .NET and RichWeb though i had very very less experience on .NET. It was truly an amazing experience. And now here I am in Great Indian Developer Summit 2009. But this time i had to fund the expenses myself. I chose to attend RichWeb, Daring java and the Workshop sessions. Unlike last year each technology was covered only for a day and also the cost of registration decreased. The day’s proceeding were to start at 10:00 which included the registration, Welcome key note among others. Incidentally it happened to be poll time for B’loreans and after i finished my mandatory work of voting i rushed to the Auditorium in IISc where the summit was to be held.

The first session was on Enterprise 2.0 taken by Rajesh Ramachandran. From the word go I was sleepy and fought hard to keep my eyes open. All these Enterprise stuff is beyond my capablities 😀 😀 He gave an insight on Web 2.0 and then quicikly went to finer aspects of Enterprise 2.0(E2O). He spoke about features of Enterprise 2.0, challenges and solutions and the Key drivers of Enterprise 2.0

The second session was my Fav. It was about Grails- which i believe is a really good framework to work on. This was devliered by Venkat Subramaniam, who is a really good speaker. What I like about Venkat’s talk is that there less of presentation and more of demo/coding. He quickly built a web application using grails framework, spoke about the features of the framework and there were many questions which he tackled tactfully.

Venkat's Grails Talk

By this I was tired and really hungry. The lunch was arranged at the venue. The lunch was outsourced to The Chancery and was good. After the lunch I went around the stalls, getting the Summit passport stamped by various stalls. It feels so bad that many go to the stall just to get their passports stamped and not listen to what they have to say. I answered a quiz at IBM stall and never thought that I would be lucky to win a IBM Developer Works bag and Parker pen. I still cant believe that i have won something 🙂 🙂

The third session was on different ways of debugging AJAX and again delivered by Venkat. It was really interesting talk where the speaker spoke about different debugging tools and techniques for debugging AJAX applications. During the talk he even distributed toffees to those who would just speak to

him 🙂 🙂 and the person with most toffees got a gift from him. After this there was a key note address on Sony Ericsson’s developer world which i missed. There was a small tea break and this was followed by a session on Developing Rich application using Adobe Flash platform. There were 2 speakers and they spoke about the need for Rich applications and how Adobe Flash platform helps us to do it. They spoke about building SaaS applications and how the application can be used by different users.  Also they spoke about using Flex to access Java Objects and use flex with the server side languages with stress on MVC architecture.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Java sessions and Groovy session by Venkat in particular.

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