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Continuing with my Placement Saga- Cisco and finally Oracle

I didn’t find much time to complete my Placement Saga. Finally its time I finish it off. Cisco was the next company which I appeared for. I wasnt interested in this as my interests didn’t align with their work. But then just to give it a chance I wrote the apti. I hardly knew anything in the apti- i used common sense to answer the questions and Alas!! I got to the next round. Now this was the funniest part- I hardly knew much about the company rather I would put it this way- I wasn’t concerned to know about it either. In the Interview I dont know what irked the Interviewer- He was kind of confused as soon as I entered the room. He asked me few random questions for which I had absolutely no clue. He asked me about my projects which I took some pain to explain. The other interviewer directly asked me- “Why do u want to join Cisco?” This was the toughest question to answer- I could hav said- Sir, I need a job so no other option 😀 but then I didn’t. I tried to bluff something crap but then he asked me another question “What do u know about Cisco?”- All I knew was its a networking company making their own n/w h/w. But he told its much more than that. The interview lasted for some 10 minutes before they told “We have got to interview other candidates, you can leave now”. I came out laughing. But I wasn’t regretting that I missed the chance- But It was for good.

Then after a few days came Oracle- Application Development group and Server Tech group. They had GPA+Resume based shortlisting for Server Tech. After that there were 2 technical rounds and one HR round of interviews. All the interview rounds went on well and finally got placed in Oracle Server Tech. I was so excited that night. But then I couldn’t celebrate it properly as my end sem exams were to start in another 2 days. But getting placed came as a great relief for me 🙂

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