Books to read for the month of April

I have a few interesting titles lined up for this month:

Test-Driven Development by Example, Kent Beck
– Learning TDD by example, a fairly small book which gives me a lot of motivation to read it.

The Java EE 6 Tutorial Basic Concepts
– Basic Java EE 6 concepts explained. Looking forward to getting back to JSP, Servlets after quite sometime and also getting to learn the new features in Java EE 6.

Code Simplicity: The Science of Software Design
– I bought this e-book from Oreilly and have been almost done 75% of reading. Looking forward to complete this soon. The book focuses about good software design, the one which eases the pain of maintenance, eases adding new features, shows mercy on the people reading the code.

The other possible books which I might get to read are:
(I am more likely to receive these books by end of April)
Scala for the Impatient, Cay Horstmann
– A book on Scala by the author of Core Java fame. Looking forward to get a copy soon.

Elemental Design Patterns
– A different approach to design patterns. Havent gone into detail about the book.

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