First look at Learning Play! Framework 2

I have always wanted to learn and use Play Framework and there have been previous attempts which I have blogged before, but recently I have got an opportunity to review the latest book “Learning Play! Framework 2” by Packt publications. This has kind of rekindled my interest in learning the framework.
I have started reading the book and completed about 2 chapters. I wanted to share my experiences about the book so far, before presenting a complete review so that anyone who’s interested in learning Play Framework can decide about choosing this book.

This book has 9 chapters and 2 appendices and is about 300 pages. Its small size is always a welcome among the readers, I personally dont like reading huge books. There is also a chapter introducing Scala but a prior experience (not an expert experience, but can get through like) in Scala is an advantage. The book has placed the chapters in an order which helps in exploring a lot of features of the framework and in the process develops an sample application.

The approach has been more of hands-on so far where in you would enjoy trying out the examples as you read through the pages. The downside is that the examples in the Scala introduction chapter are screenshots and need to be magnified (on an eBook) to view them clearly. But at the same time the advantage there is that the scala code has been compared with Java code equivalent in functionality.

Do have a look at more details about the book here. And share your thoughts/review about the book.

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