Sessions looking forward to at Great Indian Developer Summit-2012`

After a few good sessions at Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS)-2011, I look forward to another great 3 days at the GIDS-2012. I thought of listing out the talks I have planned to attend at the conference. 

GIDS.Web Track

1. HTML5 in your pocket: Application cache and Local storage by Scott Davis. 

I havent used lot of HTML5 but this would be a good introduction to Local Storage feature of HTML5. And more over any talk by Scott Davis is worth attending. 

2. Rediscovering Javascript by Venkat Subramaniam.

There was a similar talk by Venkat at the last edition of the conference. Expecting this one also to be on similar lines. Unearthing the other side of Javascript. I am expecting the mention of Node.js as well. No other useful sessions lined up during this time. And more over the speaker is just awesome. 

3. Making the Web faster by Satyanarayana Manyam

Looking forward to learn about page performance, tools used for measuring page speed and also latency measure. Also learn techniques to improve performance and reduce latency. I am remember a similar talk being delivered during the Yahoo Open Hack day 2011.

4. Understanding Single page webapps (using Backbone.js) by Scott Davis

I havent heard about Backbone.js before, so this would be something new for me. 

5. Building for the Compatible Web by Rajasekharan Vengalil.



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