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Book Review: The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant

My cousin gifted me this book which I long wished to read. This book is a collection of Naval Ravikant’s ideas, and thoughts he posted on multiple places like Twitter, his podcasts, interviews, and other places. Naval is a famous Angel investor based in the US and his interests lie in Science he believes in things with scientific evidence.

I listened to a few of his podcasts and they have been very philosophical and deep in facts, hard to follow at least for me.

This book is divided into 5 sections:

Naval’s thoughts and advice have been grouped under the above sections. Often you would find that the thoughts might not be related to the section title but are nevertheless valuable.

Few places you might find it hard to understand the meaning of the words used or the sentences but you should be able to easily understand what Naval is trying to express. The author has done a great job to collect and arrange Naval’s thoughts and you would hardly feel that the content is a collection from different places.

This book is a must-read every piece of advice of Naval is so valuable and apt. I finished reading front to back and I also plan to open random pages and read because I feel it’s ok to read that way because you don’t need to know previous parts to be able to comprehend what you are reading. So the content is in a way disconnected from each other.

I would also recommend my readers to read Ankur Warikoo’s Do Epic Shit which is another collection of Ankur Warikoo’s wisdom, experiences and mistake.

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