Book Review: Steal Like an Artist

The author Austin Kleon shares 10 ideas for a content creator creating content in his book Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative.

The author’s advice is relevant to all forms of content creators like videos, audio, blogs, paintings, and others. The title of the book might make you feel that the author is promoting plagiarism, instead, the author is trying to state that the work of other creators can be used as an inspiration for your own work.

The author talks about the influence of other creators and being around good creators so that you have a positive influence on your work. This and other useful advice in this amazing book.

As with his previous book Show your work, I read this book on Kindle and it doesn’t do justice. So I will get a print copy of this book and read it once again. I am sure going to re-read all the author’s books multiple times until his advice gets engraved in my mind.

Highly recommend this book to all my readers.

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Buy it from

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