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Transition from Feature phones to smart phones driven by the Internet

The mobile industry is under a revolution from the all classy N series to the affordable, power packed android smartphones and not to forget the iPhones. Travelling back in time, 4 years ago a smartphone was not an affordable commodity for the common man. Feature phones were all around, people were happy using them. The fact that those days the feature phones solved the basic needs of communication was all what we needed. There were few who would buy smartphones and very few of those would access internet over the phone. As I said, communication was the need of the hour. There was no Android then, Internet was still trying to reach to capture the mobile devices as well.

I used an N series device for quite sometime, with lack of good Applications for the platform, all I could do was download few games from the desktop and then install them on my device. What a pain it used to be. No question of checking your emails through them. And with those games getting monotonous over time would leave you bored to death.  There was nothing interesting I could do on my phone apart from SMS and phone calls.

Then came Android and pat it changed the complete mobile industry, feature phones started to become obsolete , smartphones were the talk of the hour. Companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola just took this OS and started building numerous smartphones covering all the alphabets of english language. And players like Micromax and others started to release low end Android powered smartphones. And now the market is flooded with Smartphones be it powered by Android or the executive Blackberries or the all elite iPhones. These devices provide all the feature phones provided but in a better way and add on more stuff to it so as to keep the user excited about using them.

The smartphone revolution was aptly backed by the penetration of Internet into these devices with operators in India providing 3G services, which provide much higher bandwidth then their predecessors. Each platform- Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows provide their app store from where users can browse and download from a plethora of applications. And it also provided an opportunity for people to spawn off companies around developing applications for these platforms.

I did succumb to buying an Android powered Samsung smartphone, but for quite sometime I didn’t activate any of the GPRS or 3G services, instead preferred to connect via WiFi at home. But this didn’t make sense for the fact that the time when I most need my phone to depict its smart capabilities, it couldn’t. So with a GPRS service activated I more or less keep my emails, twitter feeds in sync. This helps me to be connected all the time. My friends ping me on Gtalk and no matter where I am, I can respond to them using my device. The fact that I can use my device to kill time during a boring class is awesome.

Off late I downloaded few games from the Android Marketplace and the idea of playing online with another gamer is just awesome. It removes the boredom from the game. I did manage to spend the whole day playing Defender 2. And there are lot more engaging games to choose from. So you are never short of trying something new. Everytime I visit the Marketplace I have something new to try, something exciting to learn about.

The Internet on my mobile device keeps me:

  • Connected with my friends via GTalk
  • Keeps me updated about whats happening around via the Twitter application
  • Allows me to check and respond to my emails using my EMail client or GMail application.
  • Helps me to fight the boredom by playing games live with other players.. The favorites being- Defender 2 and Drag Race.
  • Helps me to follow cricket scores even in the middle of a class using the ESPNCricinfo Application.
  • Helps me sync my todo’s, notes using Evernote application.

How has the smartphone and the internet changed your life?

And these thoughts were penned down as part of the Indiblogger contest on “Internet if fun” sponsored by Vodafone (


Moodle – Web based Virtual Learning environment

Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Moodle is a free, open-source PHP web application for producing modular internet-based courses that support a modern social constructionist pedagogy. To work, it needs to be installed on a web server somewhere, either on one of your own computers or one at a web hosting company. Lot more information can be obtained from here.

There’s a better chance to grab the books available to learn about this platform from Packt publications, they are providing discounts on both their eBooks as well as printed copies. So you might be interested to know more about this here.

Automation, Smart Cards and RTOs

There has been a lot of talk going on about Smart Cards replacing the Book system for Driving License and Vehicle registration books. Which should imply that the system has been computerized or automatized, reducing the response time from the RTO end. Tat’s all just for the telling. They still have loads of manual processes, loads of legacy files stacked, but one can see desktops with TFTs monitors and the operators doing the data entry jobs. Today I had to wait for almost 12 hours before I could get the Speed post tracking number for the Smart card they had sent to the postal address. How did they finally get the number? The person concerned got huge set of files- may be around 15, got a register and did a lookup operation in the register to find out the corresponding Speed post file for the given Vehicle registration number. Then he scrambled with those files before writing down the Tracking Number on a piece of paper. It doesn’t end there – They arent in a position to tell where the envelope, containing the smart card, is- Is it with them or with the Post office. So I had to run to the post office, where they took just minutes to tell me that the the envelope is returned to the sender- thanks to their tracking application. Now RTO wants the proof that its with them- can u believe that- they dont keep a track of the inventory they have. What’s the automation system doing there? And moreover to search if the Smart card is with the RTO they have a Notepad, which is in a very bad condition due to constant lookup, where they write down the registration numbers of vehicle’s whose smart cards they have. Isnt it archaic?

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Courage to speak out!!!

I have been under stress for couple of days now- feeling that i am writing AIEEE and JEE again- though i am not writing them. There are loads of things going on in my mind- I had been gathering courage to speak out but later realized there’s no point in speaking out. People around might have found me really crazy for last few days but that was unintentional. Anyways its “Better late than never”- have realized my mistake. And though cannot travel back in time to correct them will definitely make it a point to never repeat them again.

Its always great to document certain events in one’s life- And especially the two semesters- 5th and 6th Sem have seen lots of changes in me. Its time for some revival and go ahead with what i was. Have met a really interesting person. Will write more in coming days!!! 🙂

Entreprenuership Awareness Program- Day 5 and …

Started off late for the last day of an exciting program- Thanks for the time i spent waiting for my friend to get ready- Guess he must have planned for a date!! ;). On reaching the venue we realised that we had not missed much. Today Mr V M Bhat, the other Program instructor, was to tell about preapration of Project Report- Not a ordinary one- But a report which can impress and convince the readers that “Yes! This project is promising”. To add to being late, there was some problem with the pen i had got- so couldn’t write anything 😦

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