Microsoft to stop selling Windows XP

Any XP lovers out there 😉 ??? Your Attention Please!!! Microsoft Corp. is scheduled to stop selling its Windows XP operating system to retailers and major computer makers from June 30th 2008, but Microsoft said it would extend technical support for six-year-old Windows XP through 2014, instead of 2009 as planned. This in a way … Read more

@BOJUG Meet 2008.06

I had visualized in my mind that a meet would be like someone giving a talk standing on the podium and rest participants comfortably seated in the chairs facing the speaker with an AC running trying to put the listeners to sleep – its actually the combined effect of the AC and the speaker. One thing i would like to share here is my experiences at the Great Indian Developer Summit. I had a real tough time holding back my eyes from drooping especially after the lunch. The talks, the lunch, the AC, and the darkness would all put me to sleep. With all this notions I set out to attend the BOJUG meet. For all those who don’t know what BOJUG is I would throw a brief intro here: BOJUG stands for Bangalore Open Java Users Group. It organises meets every month inviting developers to give talks on various topics related to Java. Its an open forum where people can share ideas, discuss and to promote Java.

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My Review for NetBeans- OpenSolaris Review Contest

My review has been put up in the Sun’s Students View and Reviews blog. One can see the post here. Actually as soon as i came to know about the contest through my friend,I downloaded NetBeans 6.1 , as i had been using Eclipse 3.3 for all my Java related work, and installed NetBeans for … Read more

Have u ever tried navigating Without Clicks?

DONTCLICK.IT is an interesting Website one has to really visit the site. The interface doesn’t have any buttons. Instead one has to navigate the contents in a Different way- “By Hovering the Mouse over the Sections”. One has to prepare mentally before visiting the site because the normal tendency is to click. Here when you … Read more

Monitoring Internet Addiction? Here’s the Solution

People keep asking me what i have been doing in holidays. I am confused on what to say to them 😉 Even though i look busy but i am doing nothing, some thing very similar “Look Busy Do Nothing” 😉 Thanks to the Broadband connection i took a month back from Reliance. I am most of the time hooked on to the internet. You may think that i am busy studying online or searching for some information. If you do think so  then you are wrong. The last thing i would like to do on internet is search for information. People may laugh at me when i tell what i do online. I keep looking at the blog stats analysing what people read at my blog or i keep watching the download speed, its fluctuations- I usually keep downloading softwares, games and so on. Remaining time i spent on reading the Movie reviews cause cannot trust on movies, some turn out to be lousy and some worth watching. And people who want to get in touch with me can do it very easily cause i am online most of the time. People reading this may think why has he written all this crap 😉 Its because i always think of my addiction to internet. Due to the addiction most of my work becomes a back log or its not done properly.

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Gandhi’s Talisman- Heard about it?

People using the NCERT text books must be familiar with the “Gandhi’s Talisman”. No idea if its also in other books. As far as my knowledge goes, i have seen it only in NCERT books. Now the question is “Why all of a sudden Gandhi’s Talisman?”. I went out today with a plan to buy something, on the way i saw a lady sitting under the street light and was making flower garland (not sure about the english term for the work she was doing, i suppose this should suffice 😉 ). And on her lap was her child(really weak) who was sleeping. Just then i thought should i buy the thing? Is it necessary? I was still searching for answers but her plight moved me. I drove a little further and the shop passed by and i wasn’t able to buy what I intended to (its not that there was no place for parking near the shop,so that I couldn’t stop by and buy 😉 ). Just then “Gandhi’s Talisman” came to my mind. I always used to see it in my NCERT books and it was only one occasion that I read through it. It was so simple to understand that i still remember what it meant, though i cannot not recall the exact wordings.

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Fuel’s become more dearer

I have been so much used to travelling by my vehicle that i cannot even think of travelling by public transport. This was wat i felt before the hike in fuel prices. But now i need to start getting used to public transport 😉 . And in a place like Bangalore public transport is not a problem at all. I still dont know which bus goes where 🙁 . I never thougth that the government would increase the prices to this extent. But the common man has been used to the Price Hikes 🙂 Its rather usual thing happening these days. We do feel worried about the hike but after some days we get used to it. I use my vehicle for small distance travelling but for longer distance i am planning to use Public transport. Let me see hows it travelling in Public Transport. Its not that i haven’t travelled in the city bus, i have travelled but on rare occassions like when i am leaving to my hostel i use city bus to go to the Bus station 😉

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Orkut Themes- Spice up your profile page

When orkut doesn’t borrow features from Facebook, it gets inspired by other Google services. This time, orkut added themes, but not all the users can see the new option. The themes should be familiar, since most of them were created for iGoogle. When you select a theme, only you and your friends can see it in your profile page.

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Eight Things to do in College to be Successful in Your Career

I stumbled upon this interesting article(link given at the bottom) using “StumbleUpon” plugin for Firefox. Really interesting article and i thougth of linking up this post to that article. Most of us  just spend our college life doing nothing or slogging for Grades. Both are in a way will lead to a disastrous career in … Read more

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