@BOJUG Meet 2008.06

I had visualized in my mind that a meet would be like someone giving a talk standing on the podium and rest participants comfortably seated in the chairs facing the speaker with an AC running trying to put the listeners to sleep – its actually the combined effect of the AC and the speaker. One thing i would like to share here is my experiences at the Great Indian Developer Summit. I had a real tough time holding back my eyes from drooping especially after the lunch. The talks, the lunch, the AC, and the darkness would all put me to sleep. With all this notions I set out to attend the BOJUG meet. For all those who don’t know what BOJUG is I would throw a brief intro here: BOJUG stands for Bangalore Open Java Users Group. It organises meets every month inviting developers to give talks on various topics related to Java. Its an open forum where people can share ideas, discuss and to promote Java.

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