Entrepreneurship Awareness Program: Day 2

Going in to the Day-2, the discussion that was started at the end of Day-1 turned into a fierce debate with participants opposing view of the other. Just to remind u- The game was very simple- U are given four rings and a peg at distance. The aim is to put the ring in to the peg and there are 10 positions marked from 1 … 10 each point separated from the other by some distance. Putting the ring in the peg meant SUCCESS with 1 point (mind it from any position) and the ring dropping out meant FAILURE with 0 points 😉 Some of the participants – guess a few- had some sort of knowledge about the market analysis and stuff. They used it to analyze the game situation but the facilitator, Mr Pradeep Banerjee, was too good to tackle. He had a solution for anything and everything the participants questioned. What i feel after playing the game is that a person has to measure his abilities and analyze the opportunity at hand and then take calculated risks in going at the opportunities. For every thing at first there’s a risk factor involved- but an entrepreneur’s fav is Risk 😉 There were some points mentioned by the Mr Banerjee-  Measuring the opportunity- which none of us did, Its better to Succeed and go up rather than Fail and Come down, taking calculated risks. He mentioned in brief about having a Feedback System in us- which would help us in analyzing our behavioral history (Something similar to the Browser History)

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