Please Help!!! Pass me in the exam :(

After the announcement of SSLC (Class 10 in Karnataka Board of Education) and PU (Class 12 in Karnataka Board of Education) examinations, students have become frenetic after seeing their marks. There have been lots of applications requesting photocopies of answer sheets and for revaluations. Many have complained that evaluators are negligent while evaluating the answer scripts. There have been cases where the evaluators haven’t totaled correctly or the marks are entered incorrectly in the Marks list or some answers haven’t been checked. Amidst these confusions, there are many many students who have secured high marks after the revaluation.

I read in Bangalore Mirror dated 5th July that there are certain instances where students have applied for revaluation in spite of literally not writing anything. Imagine the plight of the evaluators. The report has quoted three incidents out of the many which have come into light after the revaluation results were announced.

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