Fuel’s become more dearer

I have been so much used to travelling by my vehicle that i cannot even think of travelling by public transport. This was wat i felt before the hike in fuel prices. But now i need to start getting used to public transport 😉 . And in a place like Bangalore public transport is not a problem at all. I still dont know which bus goes where 🙁 . I never thougth that the government would increase the prices to this extent. But the common man has been used to the Price Hikes 🙂 Its rather usual thing happening these days. We do feel worried about the hike but after some days we get used to it. I use my vehicle for small distance travelling but for longer distance i am planning to use Public transport. Let me see hows it travelling in Public Transport. Its not that i haven’t travelled in the city bus, i have travelled but on rare occassions like when i am leaving to my hostel i use city bus to go to the Bus station 😉

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