Highlights at the Great Indian Developer Summit 2012

Here are the highlights of the Great Indian Developer Summit 2012: More focus on HTML5, shift in the notion of Javascript as a merely client side programming language. Mobile platform getting a greater share of developer attention and companies like RIM (Blackberry), Microsoft, Nokia, Google going a step ahead to build developer communities. RIM lured … Read more

Overview of the Java sessions at the Great Indian Dev Summit-2012

There was a lot to learn at the Java sessions of the GIDS 2012 with topics covering Java 7, Java 8, Concurrency in Java using STM model, Java EE 7 and its various JSRs, Scala, JavaScript among other topics. And not to forget a beautiful key note by Venkat Subramaniam about the need for developers … Read more

Birds Eyeview of Web track at the GIDS 2012

The main focus of the day was the emergence or in otherwords out growth of mobile devices over desktop/laptop in the Q4 of 2010. And also the importance of making the applications mobile compatible. With the advent of HTML5 and lot of browsers including mobile browsers providing support for these features, it gives much more … Read more

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