My placement saga-2 @Goldman Sachs

The next company for which i got qualified to the interview round was Goldman Sachs. There was a long between DirectI and GoldmanSachs during which I appeared for few companies which i couldn’t clear the apti- I was not very good in C as I had stopped using it in the 3rd year itself cause of which I used to do real bad in C-AptisGoldman Sachs.Goldman Sachs recruitment procedure included- Apti, Group Activity, Technical Interview. Goldman Sachs(GS) increased their cut-off from 7.5 to 8 which gave me a real good chance to clear the apti. And their apti was not that difficult either. There were few simple C based questions and few quant questions and few question on Data Interpretation (which i did not attempt). This time I started off with the Technical Section as it takes less time to complete Technical than the Quant. I had lot of time to attempt the Quant section. GS also had coding test followed by an essay writing 😛 We were asked to write efficient code/algo for 2 questions they had given. One was- Deleting the characters from the source string based on the input for the characters to be deleted and the other was some crazy game which i did not even attempt. Then in the essay we were asked to write our 3 qualities and support them with certain examples. Actually we were given 7 minutes to write the essay but I wrote the essay when we were asked to write the code 😉 I had lots of time left during the coding session so instead of wasting it I wrote the essay as well 😀

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