Monitoring Internet Addiction? Here’s the Solution

People keep asking me what i have been doing in holidays. I am confused on what to say to them 😉 Even though i look busy but i am doing nothing, some thing very similar “Look Busy Do Nothing” 😉 Thanks to the Broadband connection i took a month back from Reliance. I am most of the time hooked on to the internet. You may think that i am busy studying online or searching for some information. If you do think so  then you are wrong. The last thing i would like to do on internet is search for information. People may laugh at me when i tell what i do online. I keep looking at the blog stats analysing what people read at my blog or i keep watching the download speed, its fluctuations- I usually keep downloading softwares, games and so on. Remaining time i spent on reading the Movie reviews cause cannot trust on movies, some turn out to be lousy and some worth watching. And people who want to get in touch with me can do it very easily cause i am online most of the time. People reading this may think why has he written all this crap 😉 Its because i always think of my addiction to internet. Due to the addiction most of my work becomes a back log or its not done properly.

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