Using ROWNUM to paginate the data in Oracle

In one of my previous posts, I showed you how to use ROWNUM with ORDER BY clause. Building on that in this post I will show you how you can paginate your results using ROWNUM in Oracle DB and how you should not paginate your data. Suppose I have a table with the following structure: … Read more

Last few days @NITK

These are the last few days @ NITK. Most people are feeling sad for leaving the college or the college days getting over. But i am feeling different. Firstly Feeling happy that I would be going from this place and secondly looking forward to a whole new career in Software Development and I would be … Read more

Continuing with my Placement Saga- Cisco and finally Oracle

I didn’t find much time to complete my Placement Saga. Finally its time I finish it off. Cisco was the next company which I appeared for. I wasnt interested in this as my interests didn’t align with their work. But then just to give it a chance I wrote the apti. I hardly knew anything … Read more