Web Club Recruitments, 2008-09 @NITK

With Odd Sem comes the recruitment season- Recruitment for Final year- Placements and Club Recruitment for the Second years. For Final years it much more important and significant but thats the not the case with second years. Coming to the Club recruitment in our college- People have mixed response for these recruitment. Some say its all fixed and not fair, where as some (Very, Very few) say its fair and transparent. I will not waste my time writing about the other clubs. I will be writing about Web Enthusiast’s Club- The club where i got into after getting rejected 🙁 from all the clubs last year 😉

Coming to this year’s Web Club recruitments- I couldn’t attend the first round interviews as i had to attend the Sun CA Induction programme in Bangalore. I was eagerly waiting for the Recruitment to begin- This would give us a chance to know about the second years. We had the first round b4 any other club had organised- This got us a good response. People were shortlisted based on the enthu, technical knowledge and other abilities. Some 40 odd were shortlisted for second round interviews, which were scheduled after a week from first round.

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