Synchronizing using method local variables versus the current instance “this”

There was one query which came up on Javaranch– it was related to difference between using synchronized block with a method local variable and current instance “this”. I thought that this would better be explained with a code and I came up with the following example code-

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Monitoring and Profiling using VisualVM-1

I executed a simple GUI application which would load the CSV file and parse it and show the contents in a JTable. When the applications started- There was a JFrame, 2 JPanels, a JLabel and a JButton with an Icon. I wanted to monitor the Heap size variations, the number of Classes, Threads details and also wanted to profile the application. So i thought of using VisualVM. The following are the results and snapshots of profiling using VisualVM. Note that the application had only one public class MainFrame in gui package. Also note that i was using the Nimbus Look and Feel.

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