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About JavaBlackBelt (WebSite)
JavaBlackBelt is a community for Java & open source skills assessment. It is dedicated to technical quizzes about Java related technologies. This is the place where Java developers have their technology knowledge and development abilities recognized. Everybody is welcome to take existing and build new exams.

JavaBlackBelt is an initiative of John Rizzo and Nicolas Brasseur. They have given the necessary impulse (idea, architecture, public relations, money). Now they are mostly active defining the functional requirements for the development, and leading the content creation.
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This is a site which provides comprehensive tests based on the latest Open Source technologies and is an ideal place for a person preparing for Java Certification. This site is For the Readers and By the readers. The readers themselves post questions based on the Exam Objectives. The posted question is verified by other readers and voted by them. After a satisfied response from the other readers the required action is taken and the Question will be added in to the exam or it will be kept in the Incubator till satisfied response is not obtained.

I would suggest every one preparing for their Java Certification exams to visit this site

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