The GIDS-2008- Day 3

I made it to the Day-3 of the GDIS-2008 and hopefully my last day at the summit. Pretty sad that i cannot attend the Daring Java Conference. Coming to the Day-3 we started off with some problems in the registrations. The Day-3 started with a key note by Father of Ajax Jesse James Garrett. The first session i attended was a Workshop on building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Flex and Java. It was a 3 hour workshop by Yako Fain. The workshop was pretty interesting where in we were taught how to use Flex Builder to design internet applications. He gave small and simple demos on how to design appealing Web pages. He used Flex pluign for Eclipse IDE. Later in the afternoon i attended a talk on “Next Generation Tooling” By Greg Murray. He highlighted about jMaki and using NetBeans for editing Java Scripts. jMaki is an Ajax framework that provides a lightweight model for creating JavaScript centric Ajax-enabled web applications using Java, Ruby, PHP and others. It was not that productive session and i left midway thanks to the drooping eyes. After that there was a long session by Jesse James Garrett on “Elements of User Experience”. Very interesting talk on how to go about building applications keeping the User experience in mind.

Thats all from the Day-3 of GIDS-08. I had some great time at the Great Summit-08. Looking forward to attend the next edition

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