Getting straight A’s in college? Aiming for it?

I got to the article “Twentysomething: Why I regret getting straight A’s in college” from a link in some blog post. I really enjoyed reading the article- May be because i am not the one getting straight A’s or may be i enjoy reading such career related articles. Its about a person, slogging his time out to get A’s and as the article mentions he got 37 A’s and only 3 B’s. Can one imagine that? I cannot 🙁 Even i know people who are so obsessed with the grades 😉 Anyways coming back to the article the author has put forward his experiences of being someone with loads of A’s to his credit. At the end of the article the author mentions that anyone looking for a masters should stay away from the post. Even i want to say the same thing. People aiming for masters- Stay Away- I need not do that- As i am not going for masters 😉

Read the article here.

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