My First and Last attempt at Poetry

It was during my 7th Standard that i first tried writing a Poem. Poerty has always not been my cup of tea. I laugh at myself when ever i read through the Only Poem i have written till now. The poem is about “Nature” , pretty small one of 10 lines with a dash of rhyming words. I haven’t documented the poem anywhere, the only source is my School Magazine, which is 7 years old. The poem was published in the School Magazine along with loads of other contributions.

Nature is so beautiful
Nature is so wonderful
It is like gold
Which cannot be sold
Now nature is not so clean
As it is polluted by man who is so mean
Nature is like out mother
For whom we do not bother
Nature is so beautiful
But now it is becoming so harmful

-Mohamed Sanaulla, VII A

I cannot recall my thought flow when i penned down the poem. One thing i would like to share is- During my school days i was in some way attached with Environment/Pollution theme. My friends at PSSEMR School would know it better that on most ocassions i got “pollution” as my topic for extempores and pick and speak contests, when ever i was asked to write something i would choose “Pollution” and also my art work mainly revolved around pollution- I actually have left my two best art works in the school and hopefully it might have been in trash by now. This poem is also centered around my favorite theme. I know that pros in poetry will laugh at my only Poem, but well its something that i haven’t been able to do again and would never do.

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