Please Help!!! Pass me in the exam :(

After the announcement of SSLC (Class 10 in Karnataka Board of Education) and PU (Class 12 in Karnataka Board of Education) examinations, students have become frenetic after seeing their marks. There have been lots of applications requesting photocopies of answer sheets and for revaluations. Many have complained that evaluators are negligent while evaluating the answer scripts. There have been cases where the evaluators haven’t totaled correctly or the marks are entered incorrectly in the Marks list or some answers haven’t been checked. Amidst these confusions, there are many many students who have secured high marks after the revaluation.

I read in Bangalore Mirror dated 5th July that there are certain instances where students have applied for revaluation in spite of literally not writing anything. Imagine the plight of the evaluators. The report has quoted three incidents out of the many which have come into light after the revaluation results were announced.

1st Instance:

A PU Science sat in the exam hall for three hours for all the six papers, actually, the student wasn’t allowed to go out of the examination hall until the completion of stipulated time. When the results were out, his grand total in all the 6 subjects was “zero” which implies he got ‘zero‘ in all the subjects (I suppose there is no negative marking). Now, can you imagine this student applying for revaluation? The student had not written anything except “Om Guruji” -> was he referring to the evaluator or the God incarnation who could miraculously fill his answer script. Evaluator was itself not able to give even a single mark for the student’s paper, what will be the plight of the person who is rechecking, i would feel that the evaluator would have had a good time because there was nothing written to be checked. Even though the student has not written anything in the answer script, this did not deter him from shelling out nothing less than Rs 1,000/- per subject for revaluation.

2nd Instance:

A student had carefully painted a big question mark “?” ( How big? Its not known, for now imagine the size of the answer booklet) on each of his answer sheets. The student has done this in all the six papers- Look at the amount of Patience 🙂 The interesting part is that inspite of this the student had applied for revaluation – Height of Overconfidence.

3rd Instance:

This is a pretty intelligent case- The student seems to be among the most intelligent of all described above. Its not that the student has answered all the questions, the student has not made any attempt to write even a single letter on the answer sheet. In spite of this the student has spent Rs1,000/- for revaluation.

There are several incidents where the students have pasted a Rs100 note on the paper with a request to pass the students. 😉

But has any one ever thought the reason behind all these strange but true incidents. I would like to give my point of view:

  • Students spend their time in college bunking classes, which ultimately takes their interest off from studies into the worldly pleasures and comfort.
  • As the examinations approach, they don’t feel like studying as they haven’t done so through out the year, look out for easy means of passing the exams. Most of them go in search of Question papers hoping that someone might have leaked them some how, but most of the time end up being faked.
  • On the Exam day- With their empty minds- Thanks to the bunking of classes, last minute search for Question papers, they couldn’t even find time for last minute cramming 🙁
  • Some how they manage appearing for all the exams hoping that some miracle would happen on the examination hall or some unknown force would transform the evaluator into someone who would shell outs marks even for blank sheets with some request messages like “Om Guruji” “?“, “Take the money and pass me“.
  • When the results are announced, they get what they were destined to. But their parents would have been expecting something good ( No parent would want his child to perform poorly). The student succumbs to the pressure from parents and goes to the extent of applying for revaluation hoping that it would pacify their parents

So who are to be blamed for the current situation?

  • Lack of Students Interest
  • Parents pressure- Asking their child to take up course which he is not interested in, but parents cannot see their child doing anything other than say Engineering or medicine
  • Current Examination system -> Marks are the sole criteria for judging one’s ability

Comments are welcome 🙂

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