Accessing Linux Files from Windows Simplified- Ext2 installable File System

People using dual boot with Windows and Linux and have data spread across different partitions on Linux and TuxWindows will have/are faced/facing the problem of inablity to access files on Linux partitions from Windows. I was using Ubuntu 8.04 extensively some days back before facing some problems which i need to correct. And I was using Azureus for downloading movies from torrents and i found it pretty fast on Ubuntu when compared to Windows where i was using uTorrent. I was impressed by the Axxo torrents, the clarit of video and audio was just perfect and that to for a mere 699 MB. So i had some 8 movies on my Linux ext3 partition and when ever i was on Windows and thought of watching them, i had to reboot into Ubuntu and then watch them- this was really irritating. But the other day i found a blog post in Ubuntu Geek where he had listed some tools for accessing files on u’r Linux partitions from Windows. There were many and i randomly chose Ext2 Installable File System. The installation was pretty quick and there were no hassels. At the end of the installation i was prompted for drive letters for the Linux ext3 partition and the swap partition. I chose U: for ubuntu and z: for swap.

One can download the software here.

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