Auto Add contacts in GMail scrapped

Recently i had started editing all my email contacts- reason? Thanks to the auto add feature of Gmail which would automatically add the email ids of the sent mail and also from Orkut account directly to the Contacts list. Now they have scraped the concept of Auto addition and but in the updated version of GMail they have introduced a new idea where in the the list of contacts to whom u have sent the email are added to the “Suggested Contacts” list and not to the main “My Contact” list.

My Contacts” is a place to import, store and view all the contact information that is important. One can easily move the contacts to whom they have sent mails into “My Contacts” list. One can also create groups for his contacts so that one can send particular mail to particular group. There’s also “Most Contacted” list which stores the contacts of the people with whom u have contacted most number of times.

Source: Google Operating System.

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