Vote for your IDE: Best IDE for Java Application Development

Hi readers,

I have created this poll to get an idea of the popularity of various IDEs for Java Application developments all over the world. Do vote for your favorite IDE and also if possible leave a comment on why you voted for the IDE. Looking forward for a huge response.

3 thoughts on “Vote for your IDE: Best IDE for Java Application Development”

  1. I’ve been an IntelliJ user for years. It’s the best IDE for ME. I’ve run large Java shops and I never tell my engineers which IDE to use, I like to let people use the tools that make them efficient, productive and happy. I’ve always had a hard time with Eclipse because of the configurations and plug-ins, but many people are thrilled with it. NetBeans has become an awesome product, probably the best debugger, but I’m not fond of some of the auto-generated code that it has. Still personal, but everything has merits and must be evaluated in this manner.

    The nice thing is that the salient features of the individual products usually end up in the others quite fast. There has been a definite convergence in features, controls and UIs over the last few years.


  2. @Danilo
    IntelliJ is paid IDE. Such IDEs tend to be less popular among students like me. Eclipse and Netbeans being open source and free to download and use are the widely used in the student community. Eclipse runs faster and has huge plugin support. NetBeans 6.0 onwards has improved a lot in terms of the languages support, speed and the Swing Builder. As u have pointed out NetBeans has got a really good debugger and also profiling tool which can be used to test bottlenecks in the program.

    I agree with your remark that most IDEs tend to implement the cool feature of the other competiting IDE.


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