New Wordrepss Dashboard- Impressive!!!


Just had a look at the new WordPress dashboard! I was shocked to see a totally revamped dashboard. This one’s really cool and has everything in the dashboard itself. The post i have put up now is done using the QuickPress tool!! šŸ™‚ Otherwise its a pain to write a post cause it takes a lot of time to load- at least at my internet speed šŸ˜‰

Really liked the new dashboard. WordPress rocks!!!

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  1. The new Dashboard looks good, but takes forever and a day to load…. I’m not happy….

  2. Janice,
    You are absolutely right. But there’s a work out for it- Go to Tools in the dashboard and then there’s an option to enable faster loading. For this u will have to download Google Gears.

  3. Thanks for the tip Mohamed. It’s much appreciated.

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