Entreprenuership Awareness Program- Day 5 and …

Started off late for the last day of an exciting program- Thanks for the time i spent waiting for my friend to get ready- Guess he must have planned for a date!! ;). On reaching the venue we realised that we had not missed much. Today Mr V M Bhat, the other Program instructor, was to tell about preapration of Project Report- Not a ordinary one- But a report which can impress and convince the readers that “Yes! This project is promising”. To add to being late, there was some problem with the pen i had got- so couldn’t write anything 🙁

During the session, which lasted for about 4 hours, we were taught how to write different componenets of the report. After that there were few general discussions on the current and future conditions of certain industires based on the statistics shown by Mr Bhat.  The Valedictory function held in the afternoon brought the program to its conclusion. The valedictory function was presided over by the Director, NITK- Dr Sandeep Sancheti. During the function few of the participants expressed their views about the program and i was one among them. Everyone had positive feedback cause the program was Very well organised,  Speakers were really superb, food was excellent- we had time to time tea breaks and so on. Sometimes when i think of the Round Table Conference like set up in ISTE Seminar hall, i really miss the program.

The program helped me in discovering my self and has helped me to think as an entrepreneur. May be a bit more of exposure to such events and taking up more challenges ahead will help me to be an entrepreneur- But if someone asks me if i have an idea to start an enterprise- for time being i would say no.

These are some of the pics taken during the valedictory function:

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