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The Great Indian Developer Summit-2009, My Day-2, GIDS.Java

Ola Bina during JRuby talk

I started off pretty late for my Day-2 (summit’s Day-3) at the summit, courtesy- extended sleeping 😀 😀 But I somehow managed to not miss much of the first session. The first session I attended today was “Introduction to JRuby” which was delivered by Ola Bini. He spoke about Ruby and its features like Blocks, Modules, Mixins among others. He then spoke about JRuby and how it eliminates the pain of using Java and leverages on the ease of Ruby. JRuby is basically Ruby running on JVM. This was developed keeping in mind the old legacy JavaEE based applications.

Venkat during Know u'r Java

Second session was “Know your Java?” delivered by my favorite speaker Venkat Submramaniam. He is a great speaker and i am sure one can continue to listen to him for long hours with out sleeping 🙂 and getting bored. He did not bore us with the different Gotchas in Java but in turn asked the audience to choose the topic which included “string”, “Static”,”Inheritance”, “Math”, “Basic” and the questions were for 1000, 500 and 100 points. Each one had to choose one question and if he/she would answer it correctly would get the points alloted to that particular question. And he took the questions to explain the concept behind it which i feel is a really innovative way for such kind of topics. I am sure that he had written an application to help him out with this. There were few ppl who scored 1000 and they got the copies of books authored by him. Even last year in GIDS-2008 he gave away his .NET Gotchas book, but for this year’s event he had 4 books on Scala, Groovy, Agile Development and .NET to give away.

McClanahan during RESTful talk

The third session was on “RESTful approach” to developing applications which was devlivered by Craig McClanahan who was incidentally from Sun Microsystems and i was happy to see someone from Sun 🙂 and was happy to see someone use NetBeans 🙂 He spoke at length about REST and its different aspects like URI, Actions, Resources and so on. It was a verbose talk with out any code demo but there were 2 demos later in the day one on REST applications using JAX-RS and another using RoR. But the talk was really resourceful and McClanahan is the creator of Apache Struts!!!!


McClanahan during JAX-RS talk

The fourth session for the day was on “Developing RESTful applications using JAX-RS” which was again delivered by McClanahan. But he took a lot of time to summarise what he spoke in the previous session and when he was about to demo the application NetBeans crashed 🙁 But he spoke about using Jersey which is the reference implementation of JAX-RS for creating RESTful applications. He told that resources were represented using POJOs and annotations were used to indicate which method to be called for which link- in other words using annotations to map the URI’s and Resource class and methods.

Venkat in action

The fifth session for the day was “Programming Groovy” again by Venkat Subramaniam. This was a really superb session and haviing been read thru his Programming Groovy book this session was more like a revision for me. He covered all the major concepts in Groovy and the best part of his session was that it was Powerpoint free. He explained all the concepts by writing code snippets. We were starlted to see the simplicity of Groovy and most of the audience had lots of doubts about the language and many of them missed their team to flock around Venkat to get their doubts cleared.

The sixth session was on SOA delivered by Jim Webbers. The speaker was a great actor and his presentation was lively and the audience were laughing thourgh out his presentation. Even i was laughing but i dont know the reason why i was laughing because i wasn’t listening to his talk but am writing this blog post :).

My Day-2 (Day-3 of the Summit) at Great Indian Developer Summit-2009 was really interesting and i learnt a lot of new concepts, listened to really lively talks. I feel Great Indian Developer Summit-2009 is the best i have attended so far. Am seriously looking forward to attend Great Indian Developer Summit-2010. Meanwhile i have GIDS.Workshops to attend tomorrow. I will surely be attending Venkat’s workshop, then workshop on JRuby and the thirs i havent yet finalised 🙂

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