Talk @ LBS College of Engineering, Kasaragod, Kerala

I visited LBS College of Engineering, Kasaragod for a workshop organised by thier collegeOSUM Club. This was my first workshop outside NITK. They had suspended the classes for the afternoon so that most of them could attend the workshop. And its really great that the college is supporting them for the OSUM club as college’s support is of prime importance for the growth of the club.

They had booked the seminar hall from 1:30 till 4:00. It takes about 2 and half hours to travel from my college to Kasaragod. I was accompanied by my friend Manjunath. We left at 10:00 and reached Kasargod by 12:30 in the afternoon. We were received by Allan and his group members. They took us in their car for lunch and then from there we were driven to their college. I ate as much less as possible as I had to feel comformtable while giving the talk. Their college was on top of a small hill. The seminar hall was full by the time we reached the venue and we were in time unlike other speakers who most of the time reach the venue late. The seminar hall was packed and i guess some 150+ students attended the workshop.

We were introduced as the chief guests by one of their club members. The talk was also attend by their faculty co-ordinator. I had prepared on a higher concepts in Java- Strings, File I/O, Serialization, Multithreading, Graphics, Event Handling, Swing. I gave a brief overview of each of them and also wrote some simple programs using the Netbeans IDE. I extensively used the white board to explain different concepts. I gave them a brief overview of OOPS concepts as they were familiar with OOPS, i did not spend much time there. Also I had few goodies to give away for which I asked questions during my presentation. I felt the auidence was shy to answer 😉 may be because they were not familiar with the speaker 😀 I also carried few Netbeans 6.5 discs and OpenSolaris discs to distribute to the club members. This presentation was totally unlike my usual presentation. This time I was slow, interacting with the audience, cracking PJs between ;).

The OSUM Club had made perfect arrangements and the event went on really well. This was their first OSUM club event and there were a lot of expectations from me and I feel i did my job to the best possible extent. Hope this event will attract more students to be a part of the club.

Looking forward to visiting more colleges for presentations 😀

Java, Netbeans- Kasaragod

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