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My placement saga-1, @DirectI

I have finally decided to document my Placement journey. May be for the use of aspirants but atleast for my record πŸ˜‰ I will also try to list out the questions asked and the type of apti paper. I will be writing about those companies for which I qualified to the interview round.

The first company in the list is DirectI. Very few in the college knew that such a company existed I knew about the company as it had sponsored GIDS-2008. They were coming to the campus for the first time and had uploaded huge information on the site regarding their selection procedure and interviews. Their recruitment site looked really resourceful and they were looking for people with really good coding and technical skills. I still remember their PPT which went on for more than an hour and half and i had to listen to the whole presentation standing and moreover is was terribly sick that day- running nose, fever :(. Their selection process was a bit different- No apti, πŸ™‚ instead an online programming test πŸ™ on their coding platform- CodeChef which they were badly promoting ;), then 2 rounds at the campus and some 9-10 rounds in their Mumbai Head office :P. Luckily they had to postpone the Coding test because by the time they completed their presentation it was 7PM and the Computer Center would be open only till 8PM. So they decided to come some other time for the coding test. I was happy that atleast i got sometime to recover and get well before the test.

One fine day they informed us that the test will be in the afternoon. I was aiming to clear the coding round and wasnt concerned about the interviews. The coding test was not tat difficult either. We were given 2 questions to solve and some 20 of them did one of the two, I was one among them πŸ™‚ and no one was able to crack both the problems. πŸ™ I was one among the some 11 or 12 ppl shortlisted for interviews πŸ™‚ . And the fun part was that few had telephonic interviews and some 2 or 3 had face2face. I had a telephonic interview a long one- for around 2 hours πŸ™ and it was not good πŸ™‚ They asked me few algorithm based questions though i answered them but the solutions were not efficient :P. Then they asked me few technology based questions and as i had not prepared for the interview i couldn’t answer them effectively. After everyone was done with their interviews we were told that selected few would have a HR round and then few those who clear HR will be flown to Mumbai for their final interviews. For me the result was obvious- Not cleared the Tech interview πŸ˜€ One of my friend cleared the tech interview but in the next round they asked him questions regarding his projects and technologies used in the projects which he wasn’t able to answer effectively. Finally only 2 ppl from comps were selected for the grueling rounds at Mumbai. And the result was- No one was selected from NITK πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The questions they asked me were-

1. Write a function which takes 2 arrays- One array is the source array and the other array is the array of indices and delete all those elements present at the indices of the source array taking the indices from the second array.

2. There’s a huge data of stock prices for a given duration. Find out on which day the person if he sold his shares would get the maximum loss.

3. Then there was a question on finding the non repeating number in a array of repeating numbers.

4. HTTP is stateless protocol- How does it manage the state- Explain the cookie mechanism

5. Difference between Unique and Primary key

6. Different indexes in database

The company works on cutting edge technologies like RoR, Python, PHP, Java, Web Services, REST and so on. Its a great place for ppl who like to try out new technologies. They have a real good work place with a saloon, gym, cafeteria among others. And they were offering 6-12 lacs of base salary with added benefits πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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