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Web conferences at Great Indian Developer Summit 2011

My first day at the Great Indian Developer Summit 2011 was the Web conferences where in major presentations I attended were all about HTML5, RDFa, Microformats, jQuery and JavaScript. There was a PlayBook related key-note, the sad part of that key-note was that though the speaker had the PlayBook in his hand he didnt bother to show it to the audience. I have briefly listed the topics covered in the sessions I attended.

Tomorrow’s Tech today- HTML5 by Scott Davis

New elements


A superb session by Scott- As usual its dynamic, fun filled. Wish to hear more of his sessions. 🙂

Programming in HTML5 by Venkat

Venkat showed us how different new features of HTML5- new elements, local storage, form enhancements can be used to create web pages. The sessions was complete hands-on like and was a really good introduction to HTML5. And was a good value addition for Scott’s previous talk I had attended.

Post lunch was a show hosted by Edmundo where in he performed some awesome illusions- playing around with a red handkerchief- making it invisible, making it to go into someone’s pant after he blew it and so on. Then there was an illusion where in he changed the color of the 500rupee note to red and It was clearly a 20rupee note which was replaced with a 500 rupee note and so on. But it was really superb performance by Edmundo.

Hidden Webservices: Microformats and Semantic web by Scott Davis

JavaScript- Real language in there by Venkat

Today’s sessions I attended were either Scott or Venkat talking baring the jQuery talk. It feels good to attend Scott’s sessions- he is so lively. Looking forward to the Java conference tomorrow.

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