Useful Audio Podcasts for Software developers

I have been listening to few technical podcasts for software developers and thought of sharing them for the benefit of the readers.

Software Engineering Radio: Very useful podcast for software developers. There are about 186 episodes as of writing this post. The frequency of new podcasts is pretty less, but there are lot of good podcasts in their archives. Topics range from Architecture to Development Practices to various frameworks, programming languages, databases to name a few. I would highly recommend this podcast.

The Java Posse: I dont think this needs any explanation. Its the most popular Java podcast around and I really enjoy the discussions which take place during the podcast. Really informative. Its vendor neutral podcast, so you get to know about all the good, bad and ugly parts of Java.

The Java Spotlight: Another useful Java podcast from the horses mouth. Usually the topics tend to me more Java and Oracle’s updates on Java. But overall a good listen as it usually short with good amount of information to tickle your curious brains.

This Week In Google: I have been listening to this podcast lately. They have video podcast as well as live broadcast, but I use their audio podcast. Often I get to know what’s happening in the Google technology space with some informative discussions.

In Beta:
I started listening to this since yesterday and this is a very new podcast. I think they have live broadcast like This Week In Google(TWIG) and one of the members, Gina Trapani of TWIG is also part of In Beta. I found the discussions very useful. Mostly it has been around open source, web applications, mobile applications.

Pragmatic Podcasts: This is no longer getting newer episodes, but I would like to mention it here because there are quite a few useful podcasts in their archive, definitely worth checking out.

The Basement Coders: I found the topics dealt in this podcast are interesting. I have few episodes on my Shuffle but yet to listen to them. Will update this post once I listen to them, but listing for benefit of my readers.

IBM DeveloperWorks Java Podcast: Andrew Glover covers some really good topics. I am not sure if its actively maintained, but the archive has really good podcasts. I couldn’t find the iTunes link for this Java Podcast, but managed to get IBM DeveloperWorks Podcasts iTunes link and frankly I havent been able to get those episodes yet.

For JavaScript fans- I found Javascript Show, from the people who brought you Javascript Weekly, interesting. I couldn’t follow them because I dont have much experience in Javascript.

I tried to choose general development related and Java related podcasts for my use. I am not IOS/Apple/.NET guy so I didnt choose any podcasts in that area. If you have any of your favorites not listed here, please share them as comments below and I would update them at the earliest. You can find lot of podcasts suggested on the Stackoverflow questions and I dont want to list them all here because I havent tried them so I cannot recommend any of them.

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