Coding Horror Book on HyperInk

Jeff Atwood announced about his new book its actually a book made from his blog posts on Coding Horror. I immediately tried to purchase it from HyperInk but due to  some payment glitches I couldnt make the purchase. I contacted their support staff and they were kind enough to gift me the Effective Programming (by Jeff Atwood) eBook.

The content of the book looks interesting, the advantage of ebook is that all the links shared on his blog post are still accessible and that makes the reading more informative.

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  1. I consider CodingHorror as mecca of programmers. Must visit for every programmer!! 🙂

  2. By the way which ebook format do you prefer?

    • I prefer print books over eBooks, but if print book is not possible then I use plain PDF format. I dont use any ebook readers.

      • I also prefer reading printed books and if not possible then PDF format (but again pdf will take more time than the time that a printed book will take for me to complete). I wonder how people manage reading books on gadgets like Kindle.

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