Book review: Fitness for Geeks

Fitness for Geeks is a book for gadget/app freaks who want to calculate and track each of their actions. This book is loaded with nutritional information which will take some time to settle into the brains of the geeks. You shouldn’t expect this book to show you different exercises for different muscle groups nor list out different fitness regimes you can follow. Apart from a detailed coverage on nutrition, this book also digs into different applications available for each aspect of fitness like identifying nutritional information about the food, tracking the workouts, learning different exercises. Each chapter has a lot of references which will help you gather lots of information. Also the author has included the real life experiences of athletes.

This book goes into such depth about nutrition that it explains about different macro-nutrients like Proteins, Fats, Carbs and different micro-nutrients like Vitamins, Minerals. Not only does this book cover about food, it also covers aspects related to how to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. The book then finishes with chapters discussions about working out in gym i.e resistance training the importance of resistance training.

I did enjoy certain chapters of the book. But at lot of places I was lost trying to process the numerical data thrown at you. So you must be prepared to digest a lot of numbers especially in the chapters dealing with nutrition. I found the chapters covering workouts in gym and resistance training pretty useful. And there are lot of technical terms used so you must keep some reference handy to quickly look through the meaning of the terms.

The bottom line is: apart from the apps listed and a mention of APIs, code here and there this book is not much specific to a geek. I would recommend some books which do tell about nutrition but not in this detail. The other problem with food/nutrition is that its very specific to the region where you are. So from a food/nutrition perspective I would recommend buying a book by the regional expert authors.

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