Book Review: Atomic Habits by James Clear

I recently finished reading the amazing book Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book is about tips and techniques which one can adopt to build habits that last.

The book is centered on how one can make small changes in life by inculcating good habits and removing bad habits which when repeated and built upon can have a compounded effect resulting in a better version of ourselves.

There are about 20 chapters in the book and each chapter starts with a real-life anecdote on how certain actions had an impact on the life of the individual or a group being described in the anecdote. This builds up the context for the rest of the chapter.

The author also lists ample examples for implementing the techniques described thereby making it easier for the reader to relate them to their own schedule and decide how they can apply the techniques.

I found the book really informative and I was applying the techniques while I was reading them like:

  • Drive to the shop to replace the cooking gas cylinder/cannister the day it is empty. So the trigger for this action is the emptying of the gas cannister
  • Go for a run as soon as I return from office. So I am stacking my new habit of running daily after the habit of returning from office.
  • Read two pages or a chapter from the book after morning prayer. So habit stacking again.
  • and so on…

I would highly recommend this book. Each idea shared by the author is easily doable and in my opinion very effective in developing good habits and cutting off bad habits. I also plan to use the additional module (available for FREE for those who have purchased the book) shared by the Author on applying these techniques to parenting.

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  1. Hey sanaullah..!
    You’ve clearly point out features of the book. I really liked your informative 3 point about the book and it helps me a lot to understand the book’s purpose.


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