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Book Review: Make Time

Make Time is a collection of tactics for getting the most important work done daily. It’s not about making your schedule super busy. It’s not about tactics for getting a lot of work done in a day. Instead, the authors stress on choosing 1 important work and giving that work uninterrupted time.

I would say the book is more about tactics for reducing distraction, keeping your energy levels high throughout the day and how to make your life better. I really appreciate the tactics mentioned.

Even if I am not going to adopt their approach of picking 1 task and giving it uninterrupted time, I am going to adopt their tactics as I found them quite useful.

So you can read this book for their tactics. Maybe just read through the tactics. But if you have other books in the pipeline to read other more interesting books then you can give this book a miss. Not a must-read though.

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