Monitoring ADF application deployed on Weblogic using Newrelic Java agent

I had registered on Newrelic some time back. I was lured into the registration by the free T-Shirt on offer for anyone who deploys Newrelic agent and use it to monitor the application. I never thought one could monitor the applications deployed locally. And then again today there was an email about anyone registering gets … Read more

How to create ADF TreeTable programmatically?

Using ADF-BC to create ADF TreeTable is simple and straightforward, but doing the same without using ADF-BC involves a bit of work. Its not that its quite difficult but we would have to build the data in the format expected by the ADF TreeTable. In this post I will show you how the data structure … Read more

How to show links in ADF Messages

In ADF we show popup/inline messages using af:messages tag or popup messages using af:document. The actual code which populates the message is: The above code shows the message at INFO Severity. What if we want to add a link in the message we show? For that we would have to wrap the complete message within … Read more

Understanding RowKey values in ADF TreeTable

For those working on ADF and using TreeTable or other Tabular components would have always wondered about this RowKey and lot of times many of the would have encountered the deadly NoSuchRowAvailable Exception. In this post I will first develop a sample application using JDevelooper( will create a treeTable and populate the data by stubbing … Read more

Book Review: Oracle ADF Real World Developer’s Guide

Oracle Adf Real World Developer’s Guide is the latest book on ADF Framework developed by Oracle. ADF Framework provides declarative way to develop Java based Enterprise Applications. There are a few previous books on Oracle ADF which showed how to develop application declaratively and didn’t delve into details which an advanced programmer would like to know. Oracle … Read more