Book Review: Code Simplicity

I got to know about Code Simplicity: The Science of Software Development book via some O’Reilly promotion and bought an eBook for some $6 or Re. 300. Some good points: The most obvious good thing about this book is that its not huge, everything covered in 90 pages. So this was something exciting for me. … Read more

Book Review: Essential Skills for the Agile Developer

This book does justice to its title and subtitle- it clearly tells you the basic design principles to write good code which is easy to read, debug and extend. At first glance the title may seem misleading as it uses the word “Agile Developer” but there isn’t much specific to agile in the book, though familiarity with terms like Scrum or Kanaban or TDD would be an added advantage.

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Book Review: Apprenticeship Patterns

Here is a book which sounds different from its title: “Apprenticeship Patterns” but considering the complete title: “Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman” would make some sense of what the book would be about. And then once you read the back cover of the book then I think its becomes much clearer of what you can expect in the book. So this is how I went about buying the book – I had never heard of this book before, found it in the bookstore and purchased it in no time. I did search for almost all the Computer related books on Flipkart, but didn’t find this. So someone who would want to purchase this book can go here. Ok, but I need to convince you to buy the book, so here is my attempt to do so:

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Book Review: Head First Java

Book: Head First Java (Website) Authors: Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates There are many people around aspiring to learn Java- One of the most powerful OO Languages. But Alas!!!! how to go about the learning process??? Which book is suited for my style of learning??? All these questions pop in one’s mind. Even they were my … Read more