Visit to Davangere

Place of Visit: Davangere
Date of Visit: March 1,2008

Imagine visiting the place where you spent all of your childhood and did all of your schooling there, after a long time? Excited!!! isn’t. The same i felt when i visited my place Davangere. It was not after a long time did i visit but during my last visit i had not gone to all the places but this time i made it a point to visit the places which would refresh my real good times i spent in Davangere. As i went through the places i could actually see the past as if it was happening then. I really miss those days of my schooling where i enjoyed the most. We were a group of some 10 odd friends Sanju, Nik, Armeet, Gaju, Bhar, Suj, Kaush, Daksh, sharan, and some more whose names i cannot recall, each with one mission – to win the basketball match we play among ourselves. Actually i had even thought of playing a match with my friends but unfortunately couldn’t find time to do it. I walked along the dusty road from Gundi circle ,Bapuji High School via Water Tank stop- which has loads and loads of memories associated, Swimming Pool- to which i never went. I could see a large crowd gathered near the crowd and found that a new Management College has been opened at the place which was once a barren land during my schooling.

I am actually looking forward towards a re-union of our batch- the best batch in our school till date.

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