IPL 2009 Inaugural Day Updates (April 18)

IPL is back after a year! One year has passed so quickly, the Rajasthan Royals final match is still fresh in my mind 🙂 This time IPL is being held out of India- Indian Premium League in South Africa 😛 Its was a day of upsets everywhere, a day of upset for me either- tough SE Exam paper 🙁 The Inaugural match between Mumbai Indians(MI) and Chennai Super Kings(CSK) was at some point interesting but then MI comfortably won the match (looks comfortable for ppl watchin on TV, may not be for the players 😀 ) The main take aways from that match was- Tendulkar continuing his New Zealand form started off IPL in stlye with a 50 :), Nayar smashed 3 sixes in Flintoff’s over (hope he sleeps peacefully tonight and those sixes don’t haunt him 😛 ). Malinga fierce with the ball- he is fiercefull without the ball either. And and any other key MI performances- I cant recall. Coming to CSK they had very little to cheer about- Gony took few wickets, Dhoni hit few runs ( Gony and Dhoni are so rhyming), so did Hayden. In the end wat matters is the winner and its MI (not Mission Impossible 😛 )

The second match- Bangalore Royal Challengers(B’lore RC) Vs Rajasthan Royals(RR). This match was played in the filled to capacity ground situated on Earth. I had taken for granted the RR(not Reading Room) would not win (everyone would have read it as would win) the reason being B’lore RC had like of Ryder, Taylor, Kevin (the other part of the name is too long), Dravid (order for listing is the batting order) and so on … B’lore RC had a great start- Ryder and Taylor falling cheaply, sorry very cheaply playing some stupid shots. Unlike 10Dulkar they couldn’t continue their good performances in New Zealand. Then Dravid resurrected the innings with a solid, rock solid, wall solid performance. Was he supported by Kevin?- No. I dont know wat Kevin was doing on the pitch- Was he dancing? I dont think he was batting :P. With a modest total- 133 to chase i thought RR would win but then there was a different story altogether. One by one RR batsmen fell initially to Praveen Kumar, Ryder (not fell in love, they got out) then finally to Kumble. Actually Kumble accounted for 50% of RR batsmen (i think he will be skipping his dinner). All these led to RR getting bowled out for 58- wow only 58.

Now its time for some Chak De India scenes in the RR dressing room given by Shilpa Shetty. Mallya will be happy- still not happiest because B’lore RC has a long way to go. Wat will Mallya be doing for B’lore RCs? Full time belting Ryder and Taylor, praising Dravid, Kumble, Praveen. Party time in B’lore RC dressing room, sponsored by UB Group 😀 😀

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