Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying- Vettel takes pole

Formula 1

Interesting- Red Bull on pole followed by the two Ferrari’s then there’s Hamilton, Mercedes’s Rosberg, Red Bull again this time its Webber and the man to watch out for- Michael Schumacher- will be starting 7th ahead of another Button. So Vettel will be under pressure from the two Red Cars- the start is going to be as usual crucial and interesting. Lets see if Schumacher will get off to a good start and snatch few places to move up. Force India’s Sutil in top 10 that’s something to cheer for Indians 🙂 Meanwhile Chandhok will be starting from the last- Hope he doesn’t become another Narain. So there’s Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, one from Renault and Force India completing the top 10 positions.Don’t know what the other teams are for- May be just to fill up the last positions. 😀

So lets see who’s going to win the opening Grand prix.

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